What is a Doula?
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A non-medical professional who empowers and reassures women and their families through continuous supportive care. Additionally, a doula provides expectant parents with information and options needed to make educated choices regarding their birth and postpartum experience.

Who we are

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HeadFirst was born on November of 2003. It was conceived with love and passion for serving the birthing community of Los Angeles. Yana Katzap - Nackman, founded HeadFirst after the birth of her first child and her transformation from the film production world into the reproduction world.

What we do
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HeadFirst was created to provide expectant families with a comforting space to transition from pregnancy to parenthood. You will be able to choose from a range of available support options;birth doulas, postpartum doulas, breastfeeding support (Lactation consultant), classes and more.

HeadFirst is here to support you on your journey into parenthood. Together we will create the space you'll need to birth and parent with mindful awareness.