Alison Lehrer




Alison was drawn to become a doula while in the midst of her previous career as a public relations executive in the entertainment industry. Although they might seem like polar opposites, both jobs rely on similar qualities: open communication, responsiveness to people’s needs, engendering calm in the middle of crises and earning the confidence of clients. Every doula has her own style. Alison's is based around personal strengths in communication, intuition and building trust, and a belief that a little supportive caring can go a long way in giving parents the freedom to develop a parenting style all their own. Alison has worked with many special situations; including multiple births, premature infants, adopted newborns, same-sex parents and mothers with postpartum depression. She is certified through DONA International, the premier doula association in the world, and a member of the Doula Association of Southern California (DASC). In addition, Alison holds certifications in infant and child CPR and in First Aid. Originally from the East coast, Alison graduated from Tulane University with a BA in psychology. In her free time, she likes to run, play tennis, read and care for her two beautiful nieces.