Gloria Hennessey


              GLORIA HENNESSEY

Postpartum Doula, Antepartum Doula, La Leche League Certified Peer Counselor, Certified “Happiest Baby on the Block” Educator, Certified Massage Therapist and Infant Massage Instructor.

A mother of 2 and grandmother of 3, Over the past 8 years, Gloria has provided postpartum support to over 300 families and 15 sets of twins. She also has experience working with premature infants, parents with special needs and mothers with postpartum depression. Gloria has also provided care as an Antepartum Doula, nurturing and assisting expectant mothers who are on bed rest awaiting the births of their babies. Gloria trained as a Birth Doula in 2000 and attended births for over 2 years. This has given her an in-depth understanding of how the birth experience affects the mother’s recovery and the breastfeeding relationship during the postpartum period. As a “Happiest Baby on the Block” Certified Educator, she is able to help parents understand colic and help them fine-tune their baby-calming skills. As a trained Infant Massage Instructor, Gloria also teaches parents how to give gentle massage to their babies to enhance parent-child bonding. Gloria completed the Before Baby Course and A Course in Babies given through RIE, and so is able to fully support those families who subscribe to the RIE philosophy. Gloria is an excellent cook and enjoys preparing food for her clients.

Gloria was voted Favorite Postpartum Doula of 2004 by her peers in Doulas Association of Southern California.